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Re: AmigaGuide/Multiview questions

Subject: Re: AmigaGuide/Multiview questions
by broadblues on 2019/5/18 16:06:52


Go HTML you'll never look back


First a general question:
Is it possible to display pictures beside the text (without opening an extra window), e.g. a logo on top of the text (maybe even user placable)?

No, inlline display of anything is impossible, see above .


All of those options are taken out of the AutoDoc amigaguide_dtc.doc

@{<label> <command>}
Indicate a textual link point. Can be anywhere in a line.
Starting with 3.0, AmigaGuide can can link to graphics,
sounds, animations and other DataTypes.

I tried something simple
@{"Text" "AppDir:Multiviewer text"}
with "text" being a file in the same directory as the Guide.
Then i tried it without the AppDir part, as the description indicates that a destination file is going to be handled by datatypes, but still nothing.

What am i doing wrong?

Why are you specifying an app? Unless for some reason you want to load the multiview binary in with the binary datatype


@{"Text" "PATH:To:my:textfile.txt"}


Displays the word AmigaGuide in bold followed by the ® symbol.
New for V40.

I have yet to find the exact place where it displays that.
I placed it inside the main node but it never comes up.

Don't know, seams abit pointless any way.


The whole PEN options and Background/Foreground.
They don't seem to do anything, or maybe i haven't understand the format of those options.

What would be the exact format to e.g. use @{BPEN}?

Really not sure either, I would say avoid it anyway, let the use define these via the system prefs, in case they have eyesight based needs, or like pink and purple or whatever....


4) @HEIGHT <chars>
How high, in characters, the largest document is.
@WIDTH <chars>
How wide, in characters, the largest document is.

What is meant here?
How big the font used is or how many characters are there in the doc?
Why would that be important, given we have word wrapping available?

Perhaps to ensure a minimum window size?

As a general guideline for amigaguides, don't try and pretty it up, don't spevify fonts, don't specify colours.

Do use the dedicated colours, like text, shine etc but only sparingly. Use bold for heading perhaps.

Amigaguide is not supposed to be pretty it's supposed to be readable.

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