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Re: Porting apitrace

Subject: Re: Porting apitrace
by kas1e on 2019/10/9 9:39:26

Tested latest version : independent starttime & duration works fine, as well as output in info log are good too :) Thanks a bunch for such a fast fixes/changes.

I notice through few little nitpicking issues which we can skip, but maybe worth to note (or maybe add them to BZ for 0.4 or for some future):

1). As we can use "Starttime" or "Duration" only with "PROFILE", then maybe worth at begining when we run glsnoop check also on that: if no PROFILE arg was used, but or Starttime, or Duration, or both was used, then or exit with words "sorry, startstime & duration can be used only in PROFILE mode", or, continue with the same words, but like "sorry, starttime & duration can be used in PROFILE mode only, skiping and continue without".

So that will be good user's feadback about.

2). it didn't works in GUI , but that probabaly expected ? Maybe to make it works in GUI, the same checking on args need it (so if PROFILE used, and if anything like STARTTIME or DURATION or both used and that all toghet with GUI), then make it works, just run gui with all buttons disabled. Or even instead of buttons, wrote in the middle of gui window "you can't control tracing/profiling when starttime/duration is used"

3). if you run glsnoop like "glsnoop PROFILE STARTTIME 10" (for example), and then imeediately press "ctrl+c" , then after words "*** Control-C detected ***" , we have "*** Delay timer triggered ***", while it wasn't triggered (as we for first didn't start anything yet, and for seconds 10 seconds didn't pass for trigger the delay timer). I think it can be some missing "if/else" ?

All of this for sure not really important, just trying to find any pieces which can be improved even a little bit :)

ps. And i have no single crash or issues for now when use glsnoop in all conditions. Pretty stable and helpfull

ps2. And i checked "tequila" of course too, pretty good :)
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