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Re: Porting apitrace

Subject: Re: Porting apitrace
by kas1e on 2019/4/6 12:07:08

Tested new version : it works !

I just tried all 3 sceneraios:

1. Just running gl4es/sdl2 based game : all works. I have seens all the output from the patched functions on serial

2. Just running sdl2/ogles2 based game (no gl4es involved) : all works too

3. Just running "quad_mystery" (so pure amigaos/ogles2 code) : all works too.

Damn cool ! Probabaly that way to go.

And i have no errors/exceptions/etc (but probabaly you already deal with them after editing the post ?)

ps. what is interesting, is that output from the my_compiershader, always start from 256 and go up, what did it mean ?:)

ps2. thiking a bit more about apitrace (which is take application name as argument) : we probabaly don't need it then, as we just do more general patch ? Or there will need some adaptation, like if we provide a path to the name of the app we want to trace, then somehow to patch only that instance (but how to detect it then, and is it need it at all , maybe just leave it as general patching, because its not like we run many opengl apps at the same time when need debugging/tracing).

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