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Re: Porting apitrace

Subject: Re: Porting apitrace
by Hans on 2019/4/4 6:39:20


I tried to patch some ogles2.library functions but even though SetMethod doesn't fail, I am not able to capture serial logs so I guess something went wrong. For comparison, patching IDOS->Delay worked (but crashed on exit).

Sounds like the ogles2.library provides each app with its own copy of the interface. The bsdsocket.library does that too. You can double-check with Daytona if that is indeed the case.

If that's true, then patching may need to be done from within the app/game you want to log. Either that, or you need to patch whatever function is used to create the new interface, so that you can then call SetMethod() on the new interface. Maybe you can patch the library's interface clone function.

I tried for sake of tests patch Warp3DNova, but then it as Hans says it seems can't be patched via SetMethod

The Warp3D Nova context you get is NOT an AmigaOS 4 library interface, so SetMethod can't be used there. You need to directly replace the context's function pointers.

What you could do is patch W3D_CreateContext*() so that you can catch the context that's created, and then proceed to patch the function pointers.


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