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Re: The OpenGL ES 2.0 thread

Subject: Re: The OpenGL ES 2.0 thread
by eliyahu on 2020/10/7 19:47:58


Hi mate! That's a different construction site
The problem here is not ogles2 but MiniGL4GL4 which unfortunately is nothing but a very dirty hack with the primary goal to give Polaris users who are left without classic Warp3D support until now some last resort to play MiniGL games. If you have Southern Island and therefore native W3D classic support you should stick with the normal minigl libraries.

Whoops! Sorry for the confusion. Still, will probably stick with MGL4GL4ES when needed since it seems to allow Aquaria to run. I need to test some other games, too, with it.

The thing with MGL4GL4ES is that it is pretty much just a GL4ES build with a MiniGL interface attached. Unfortunately GL4ES wasn't designed for being used inside a shared library which is why it's unstable as hell if being (ab)used this way. I'd have to make GL4ES fully reentrant first and replace all static and global stuff to make this a real alternative for old minigl. Until this is done (and I really can't say if or when I have time for this) it will have all sorts of issues, one of which is the screen-safer problem you're experiencing.

It's okay for many games which just open one window and without anything else running in parallel, but other than that...

Understood. I appreciate the quick reply!

-- eliyahu

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