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Re: The OpenGL ES 2.0 thread

Subject: Re: The OpenGL ES 2.0 thread
by Daytona675x on 2020/8/8 7:37:13

Those are the two which I told you on FB cannot be detected "by design". The detector currently doesn't track such (in)outs, they are completely ignored. This won't change in the foreseeable future, most likely.

You mean line numbers? Those are gone in the SPIR-V, usually. However, I could add an aglSetParam-option to enable the emitting of OpLine instructions, which the detector could then pick up easily.
But IMHO that's not worth the bloat. Such shaders usually don't consist out of hundreds of lines. A search for the respective variable name will most often immediately and the rest of the time very quickly lead you to the critical location in the shader anyway.
But if you really want it real hard, then I'll add it
(but note that the line numbers won't necessarily be what you expect in case of ShaderJoy, because the listings get a trailing "invisible" static piece of code attached internally... So if I add support for this, then another optional int agl-parameter for a line-number report-offset would be mandatory, I guess).

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