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Re: The OpenGL ES 2.0 thread

Subject: Re: The OpenGL ES 2.0 thread
by Raziel on 2019/7/2 16:07:55


The reason i'm asking is to find out if the recompiles (i recently learned that a "port" differs from a "recompile") of ScummVM and ResidualVM actually use ogles2 on start.

If you remember i had shader problems on (scummlvm) start and missing functionality (boolean uniforms --> residualvm).

With 2.8 installed i can recompile and start at least the ScummVM binaries without shader errors or in-program oddities, so i was wondering if these features has been added in the meantime (since both projects did not change anything in that regard, at least not that it caught my attention).

Though, if it would be actually be compiled in and used/running with ogles2, how could i determine that it *is* used?
Because right now there is no speed gain to be seen.

Also grepping the exes reveal that both the ogles2 explicit build *and* the SDL2 build have ogles2.library in it's compiled code (only the SDL1 version lacks it)

...and yes, i'm recompiling three different versions of both projects to keep track with the changes and be able to point out bugs in the process...

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