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Re: The OpenGL ES 2.0 thread

Subject: Re: The OpenGL ES 2.0 thread
by Daytona675x on 2019/3/29 12:14:07

OpenGL ES 2 version 2.3 for Warp3D Nova / AmigaOS4 is on my FTP for testers to test now!

- Support for GL_MIN and GL_MAX / GL_MIN_EXT and GL_MAX_EXT blend equations.

- Consequently added GL_EXT_blend_minmax to the extensions string.

- GL_QUAD_STRIP is now sort of supported, by simply switching to triangle strips internally.

- by default the lib's internal compatibility patcher kicks in if your GLSL lacks a #version tag. In rare cases this may fail and if it does it will now try again using the unpatched GLSL instead. This is usually more desirable than to globally disable the patcher on context creation.

- the glslangvalidator_redux tool has been updated to reflect that new behaviour.

- Critical fix: one of the 32bit-step-hashers had a problem with small data-packets; it would eventually produce the same hash for similar data, which would result in geometry becoming distorted or being falsely positioned, stuff like that. Actually the symptoms were pretty much like those of the bug fixed in the previous version 2.2.
Thanks again to Capehill for reporting and for providing a very nice tiny test program for it! Luckily this was also the reason for a certain sky-box-issue reported by kas1e and which I failed to pinpoint until now, thanks to him too!

- Fix: if the library was told to automatically handle the output window, eventual window-border overdraw was possible. Thanks again to Capehill for reporting and providing a test-prog and to Hans for additional information.

- !don't forget to download the new include-folder too!

- version set to 2.3 (30.3.2019)


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