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Re: The MiniGL thread

Subject: Re: The MiniGL thread
by Daytona675x on 2019/3/26 13:38:45

Okay, as far as I can see the following happens:

1. if there's an NPOT texture incoming, then the game creates an empty texture with the next power of two edge size. So e.g. a 200x100 texture would become 256x128. So far so good.
2. but the game doesn't scale the texture data accordingly but simply puts the tex-data unscaled at position 0,0.
3. and because the texture was created as an empty texturem, a huge part of it is actually undefined!

Now take all that and add a slightly false texture-coordinate generation, voila: you have a randomly colored (fully black or white are eventually most likely depending on driver) line like the one you see.
And yes, the wrap-mode doesn't really have the expected impact here, because we are in mid of the texture data, not at the edges (although a GL_REPEAT most likely makes things even worse here).

You could now try to locate the texture coordinate generation code for that sky-cube and fix it.
Or as a simple slow and dirty workaround you could try adding the following code after line 96 - and eventually improve it later

if(!OpenGLContext.NPOTSupported) {
rect.left==&& rect.top==&& rect.right==surface->&& rect.bottom==surface->&& (internalWidth!=width || internalHeight!=height)) {

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