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Re: The MiniGL thread

Subject: Re: The MiniGL thread
by Hans on 2019/3/26 12:08:05


I think Daytona675x is on to something.

The Non-Power-Of-Two (NPOT) warning may well be why it looks okay on other OSes, and not on AmigaOS with MiniGL. The hardware handles NPOT on the other OSes, whereas with MiniGL the game/app needs to convert those textures to have a width and height that is a power-of-two. If they simply pad the texture with white/black/whatever, then that border can leak through as seams.

Answering some of your queries/comments:
1. The RadeonHD Warp3D driver correctly handles all of the texture wrap modes
2. The triangle edges that were visible in Q3 via GL4ES look different, and were due to the shader compiler not generating "exit whole-quad-mode" code for all cases when it's necessary. I went through, and added that everywhere where it was needed. While it's always possible I missed one, it's very unlikely to be triggered by a simple skybox render
3. The Warp3D driver already has the "exit whole-quad-mode" code, which is called whenever textures are used


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