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Re: The MiniGL thread

Subject: Re: The MiniGL thread
by kas1e on 2019/3/16 19:28:39

copy of my last message:

With latest one i run about 10 times testgl, then Cube run/exit few times, then Q3 sdl1 version, then Q3 sdl2 version, then cube few times, then testgl 5-7 times,then again q3 sdl2 version,then again q3 sdl1 version, then cube,cube,testgl (10 times) and bllbalbalabllba : works !

What is interesting to know, is was then this issue there was for some time ? I mean, why i got that crashes and with version frmo precompiled_bins.7z, while thos eextensions parts was touched after ? Or , memory overwriten was there all the time way before 2.23 and 2.22 ?

Also , maybe those "instability" issue with libtxc_dxtn wasn't libtxc_dxtn in end ? Maybe worth to try to bring it back and test all stuff again with latest sources ?

Through, one time when i play lot with running/exit few games, few times quake3, and then after a while running the Cube : it then crashes on start the same as before :( But then i can't reproduce it anymore, not with your latest build, not with 2.20 one. Maybe as it crashes on running, its about that thing in context creation about which Capehill made a BZ

Tried 3 instances of "testgl" at the same time, and iconify one , then another, and running 4st instance lockup os. I.e. not one by one and exit, but one, iconfiy, another instance, etc, and then lockup.

So its _much_ better now, but still i had lockup with just pure "testgl". Maybe its even only "testgl" related.

Next time i can't just crash it with only 3 instances, but it takes 5 running ones and iconified, then running 6st one / exit, and then uniconify one back and close , and then GR. Even catch the stack trace:

For sake of test i tried minigl.library 2.20 with "testgl" and can reproduce the lockup too !

That what you need to try:

1). start shell
2) testgl &

(so to run it in background in the same console)

3) now start to run new instanses by the same "testgl &" one by one, let's say 10 of them.

4). move all windowses in all directions, and then iconify them all

5). start to deiconify them, and close, and run again and iconify, and play a little like this => crash.

And that even with minigl 2.20 from os4depot. Probabaly can be related to iconify itself dunno.

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