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Re: Porting to AmigaOS4 thread

Subject: Re: Porting to AmigaOS4 thread
by kas1e on 2021/1/13 5:32:19



1) If I wanted to compile for clib2, would the switch -mcrt=clib2 be sufficient or fo i have to introduce more changes?

Just -mcrt=clib2 enough. By default we have -mcrt=newlib , you just didn't see it when run gcc, but if you do "ppc-amigaos-gcc -v test.c -o test", then you will see :


/usr/local/amiga/libexec/gcc/ppc-amigaos/8.2.0/cc1plus.exe -quiet -v -mcrt=newlib -idirafter /usr/local/amiga/ppc-amigaos/SDK/newlib/include -idirafter /usr/local/amiga/ppc-amigaos/SDK/local/newlib/include -idirafter /usr/local/amiga/ppc-amigaos/SDK/include/include_h -idirafter /usr/local/amiga/ppc-amigaos/SDK/include/netinclude -idirafter /usr/local/amiga/ppc-amigaos/SDK/local/common/include rename.cpp -quiet -dumpbase rename.cpp -auxbase rename -version -o /tmp/ccjfomzD.s


2) Does clib2 also make use of libstdc++.so or does it use something else?

It have its own libstdc++.so (and others), check in sdk/ppc-amigaos/lib/clib2/ directory


3) If I have used third party libs, like libsdl, libflac, libmpeg etc., with newlib, do I need to use a special clib2 build of those libs or can I simply recycle them for clib2?

For clib2 programs, all the libs should be as clib2 ones. You can't mix newlib build with clib2 libs (i.e. you can, sometime it will even compile, but will cause all sort of issues). That another issue for big projects: some of our 3d party libs compiled only for newlib.


4) Are shared builds possible with clib2?

As i know clib2 do not support .so as expected, clib2 is not threadsafe, so how it all will works is unclear (i.e. bugs)


5) is there something like clib2.library available? Just like newlib.library?

Dunno about.

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