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Re: Porting to AmigaOS4 thread

Subject: Re: Porting to AmigaOS4 thread
by Raziel on 2020/12/4 17:13:53


Crap, i thought i might have found a reason why it crashes.
I checked out the stack usage of static builds the other day and Ranger reported that it went down to a few hundred kb...i don't know why, it used to leech at least one MB or more.

So, i thought, maybe the stack is the problem in shared builds, as i cannot check the stack usage with statics anymore (see above) there is a good chance that, with all the new engines, stack usage went up too and maybe it's crashing because of that?
I locally enhanced the stack to 20 MB and then the crash changed to what you see now.
I'll try and go even higher and see if there is some change.

Nope, same crash with 200 MB stack

Nevermind, it's not the stack :-/

shared builds:
I have added some shared dependent stuff to configure recently.

It should now be as easy as

sh ./configure --enable-plugins

to make the build as short as possible, use

sh ./configure --enable-plugins --disable-all-engines --enable-engine=scumm

edit 2:
Oh, yes, you need all the sobjs...and the plugins

Hmm...create an assign called "Games:" somewhere and let the automatic installer do the rest

gmake amigaosdist

will extract and install all needed sobjs to a subdir called SOBJS in Games:ScummVM, the same with plugins.

static builds:
Yes, static isn't affected and i don't know why either.
There is something interfering in shared builds, it seems and i would *love* to nail it.
If we only had a working debugger :-/

crash logs:
I don't have any more logs that fundamentally differ.
I can do more, just ask

btw: i now hit the "Memory exhausted" on linking a full build more often, i guess two or three more engines and i'm out
Too bad

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