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Re: Porting to AmigaOS4 thread

Subject: Re: Porting to AmigaOS4 thread
by Raziel on 2020/12/4 12:48:05


Can you see anything obvious in the crash logs?

I learned a bit over at os4coding.net about reading crashlogs.

So far i can see that it crashes before or while
[OS4_GL_GetProcAddress] Called for 'glGetString'
was computed.

The crash was produced by
>7F061AB8: 807A0000   lwz               r3,0(r26)
so, a load/copy/read (word) operation from register 26, offset 0 to register 3.

Register 26 is NULL or zero
24: 00000000 00000000 00000000 4B7B5A80 4B7B5A18 45D41BB0 435F3C98 4B7B5A60

So, it tried to read a word from address zero which caused the crash, is that correct?


Now, glGetString sounds as if it would like to read something from somewhere, so it possibly *could* be the bad boy?
If i go ahead and add some printf's around the glGetString command, should i be good?

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