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Re: Porting to AmigaOS4 thread

Subject: Re: Porting to AmigaOS4 thread
by Raziel on 2019/2/17 11:41:19


Thank you, i learned something new today

There is an object file, but it hasn't been updated since August 2017, so it's not getting picked up at all while compiling, it seems.
         U SDL_CDOpen
         U SDL_CDPlayTracks
         U SDL_CDStatus
         U SDL_CDStop
         U SDL_GetError
         U SDL_GetTicks
         U SDL_InitSubSystem
         U _Z7warningPKcz
0000014c T _ZN17SdlAudioCDManager4openEv
00000390 T _ZN17SdlAudioCDManager4playEiiiib
00000330 T _ZN17SdlAudioCDManager4stopEv
000002b4 T _ZN17SdlAudioCDManager5closeEv
000001cc T _ZN17SdlAudioCDManager6openCDEi
00000620 T _ZN17SdlAudioCDManager6updateEv
00000000 T _ZN17SdlAudioCDManagerC1Ev
00000000 T _ZN17SdlAudioCDManagerC2Ev
0000010c T _ZN17SdlAudioCDManagerD0Ev
000000a4 T _ZN17SdlAudioCDManagerD1Ev
000000a4 T _ZN17SdlAudioCDManagerD2Ev
         U _ZN21DefaultAudioCDManager10openRealCDEv
         U _ZN21DefaultAudioCDManager10setBalanceEa
         U _ZN21DefaultAudioCDManager4openEv
         U _ZN21DefaultAudioCDManager4playEiiiib
         U _ZN21DefaultAudioCDManager4stopEv
         U _ZN21DefaultAudioCDManager5closeEv
00000000 W _ZN21DefaultAudioCDManager6openCDERKN6Common6StringE
         U _ZN21DefaultAudioCDManager6updateEv
         U _ZN21DefaultAudioCDManager9setVolumeEh
         U _ZN21DefaultAudioCDManagerC2Ev
         U _ZN21DefaultAudioCDManagerD2Ev
00000560 T _ZNK17SdlAudioCDManager9isPlayingEv
         U _ZNK21DefaultAudioCDManager9getStatusEv
         U _ZNK21DefaultAudioCDManager9isPlayingEv
00000000 V _ZTI17SdlAudioCDManager
         U _ZTI21DefaultAudioCDManager
00000000 V _ZTS17SdlAudioCDManager
00000000 V _ZTV17SdlAudioCDManager
         U _ZTVN10__cxxabiv120__si_class_type_infoE
         U _ZdlPv

There is a lot of DefaultAudioCDManager in there (that's the one from SDL2 iiuc), but only three instances of SDLAudioCDManager.
I don't know how it should look like if it's correct, but obviously the file is too old or even mixed with two SDL versions.

Unfortunately removing that object file, doesn't make it being created new

I also keep forgetting about "clean", thank you for reminding me, will try that next.

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