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Re: LTO in AmigaOS4 gcc

Subject: Re: LTO in AmigaOS4 gcc
by Raziel on 2019/5/17 12:47:18


Maybe because you use it to cross compile while i do native builds?
Maybe you use a slightly different toolchain than me?


Can someone shed some light please.

I have broswed the GNU linker manual and stumbled over this:

Do not link against shared libraries. This is only meaningful on platforms for which shared libraries are supported. The different variants of this option are for compatibility with various systems. You may use this option multiple times on the command line: it affects library searching for -l options which follow it. This option also implies --unresolved-symbols=report-all. This option can be used with -shared. Doing so means that a shared library is being created but that all of the library's external references must be resolved by pulling in entries from static libraries.

Since i'm trying to avoid shared/dynamic builds, what does that mean regarding the usage of -flto?

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