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BlitzMax for AmigaOS4.x

Subject: BlitzMax for AmigaOS4.x
by DStastny on 2018/2/19 19:18:32

Hi after a time of off and on development due to my work schedule I am finally pleased to make an initial publication of my port of Blitzmax available on GitHUB.

The BlitzMax language is a BASIC like(use that very loosely) that supports some object oriented concepts. It integrates very well with native C/C plus plus for very easy extension and includes LUA support for easy enhanced scripting capabilities in applications.

BlitzMax for AmigaOS4.X

This my first Amgia contribution so feedback is appreciated. The level of effort was considerable as the back-end of PPC compiler had to be re-coded correctly for System V ABI vs the original Apple OSX ABI. AmigaOS applicable defines where required in Build system and Runtime but seems to be working well.

I have covered the basics of the runtime to provide graphic support for Max2d with MiniGL as well as Audio driver and networking support. I still need to work out the Joystick support.

The big limitation is support for MaxGUI as I am torn on strategy with regard to UI support. MaxGUI was never all that great and there is a huge AmigaOS API gap that needs to be filled.

If interested I have also forked the original BlitzMax repo and intend on pushing my changes into that Fork but I doubt it will be up-streamed as author has moved on but who knows. This will allow you to also use the language on Linux/Window/OSX if desired. There is a large number of downloadable modules and extensions and would be happy to provide guidance adding additional support for Amiga.

I have tested on Classic under emulation(very slow give the install some time) as well as my X5000.

I appreciate all feedback good and bad. And although i have done my best to download and install you guys are getting first exposure so my fingers are crossed.

Thanks and Regards

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