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Re: SDL1 open issues

Subject: Re: SDL1 open issues
by kas1e on 2019/8/27 17:22:53

After thinking a bit about that "sdl1" issue, i now not sure if it issue with SDL1 at all. I mean, SDL1 driver reacts the same and on win32 and on amigaos4 in terms of that problem with "iswindowactive()" check (and in both cases its 1.2.15).

That probabaly just Irrlicht's SDL-device bug, which is left unnoticed (or just it wasn't important for them), because on win32 they just usually use win32-device directly, without SDL.

Probabaly, in that CIrrDeviceSDL.cpp should be added something which will move cursor automatically to the opened window (to center?), and make it acitve. At least that how it done in win32device: https://github.com/okuoku/irrlicht-gen ... licht/CIrrDeviceWin32.cpp
Once i compile irrlicht with win32 device instead of sdl1, and compile any example with it, i can see how cursor automaticaly jump to the center of opened window, so it start to be "irrlicht active", and not just window active.

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