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Re: SDL1 open issues

Subject: Re: SDL1 open issues
by kas1e on 2019/1/27 19:27:23

I think i found what issues is (at least in that test code).

There is original part of code:

void sys_resizeint widthint heightint callfrom )

SDL_Surface screen;
Uint32 flags;

width 958width 958;      // don't resize below this
if(height 750height 750;
ignore callfrom;
screen SDL_GetVideoSurface();
flags screen->flags/* Save the current flags in case toggling fails */

screen SDL_SetVideoModewidthheightscreen->format->BitsPerPixelscreen->flags);

//fprintf(stderr,"Called x: %i y: %in",width,height);
screen == NULL) {
screen SDL_SetVideoMode(000flags); /* If failed, then switch back */
screen == NULL) {
fprintf(stderr,"Video-Error on window resize. Terminatingn");
sys_exit(1); /* If you can't switch back for some reason, then epic fail */


And that didn't works. Window resizes , but black screen. Same to switch to fullscreen (its from another funciton, but i t also call that one in end).

But once i just change that line:

screen = SDL_SetVideoMode( width, height, screen->format->BitsPerPixel, screen->flags);

on that one:

screen = SDL_SetVideoMode( width, height, screen->format->BitsPerPixel, SDL_OPENGL | SDL_RESIZABLE);

Everything start works as expected. I.e. just change screen->flags on SDL_OPENGL | SDL_RESIZABLE.

What is more interesting, that in the debug output, flags in both cases are same OPENGL RESIZABLE. But in first case , when screen->flags is used, i have that kind of output when trying to resize window:

[os4video_SetVideoModeRequesting new video mode 958x750x32
[os4video_SetVideoModeRequested flagsOPENGL RESIZEABLE
[os4video_SetVideoModeCurrent mode 1202x750x32
[os4video_SetVideoModeCurrent mode flags OPENGL RESIZEABLE
[os4video_SetVideoModeCurrent hwdata 0x596B4794
[os4video_SetVideoModeCreating new display
[os4video_SetVideoModeDeleting old display
[os4video_DeleteCurrentDisplayClosing window 0x62996018
[os4video_SetVideoModeOpening new display
[os4video_CreateDisplayCreating a 958x750x32 windowed display
[os4video_CreateDisplayScreen depth32 pixel format6
[os4video_GetBestWindowPositionVisible screen: (0,0)/(1920x1080)
os4video_OpenWindowTrying to open window at (476,149of size (958x750)
os4video_GL_InitInitializing MiniGL (window 0x62996018)...
os4video_AllocateBitMapAllocating bitmap 958*750*16
[os4video_AllocateBitMapAllocating bitmap 958*750*16
[os4video_SetVideoMode] New display created
[os4video_SetVideoModeObtained flagsOPENGL RESIZEABLE
[os4video_ShowWMCursorSetting cursor 0x639F6010
[os4video_ResetCursorCursor image set

And that one, when all works, when i only change screen->flags on SDL_OPENGL | SDL_RESIZABLE:

[os4video_SetVideoModeRequesting new video mode 1154x750x32
[os4video_SetVideoModeRequested flagsOPENGL RESIZEABLE
[os4video_SetVideoModeCurrent mode 958x750x32
[os4video_SetVideoModeCurrent mode flags OPENGL RESIZEABLE
[os4video_SetVideoModeCurrent hwdata 0x596B4794
[os4video_SetVideoModeResizing window1154x750
[os4video_PIXF2BitsUnknown pixelformat 0
[os4video_InitOffScreenBufferAllocating a 1156x752x0 off-screen buffer with pixel format 0SWSURFACE
[os4video_InitOffScreenBufferPixels 0x62E6E000pitch 1168
[os4video_AllocateBitMapAllocating bitmap 1154*750*16
[os4video_AllocateBitMapAllocating bitmap 1154*750*16
[os4video_ShowWMCursorSetting cursor 0x639FB010

See, it tries to resize then.

Question is : wtf ! Maybe that code produce something weird:

SDL_Surface screen;
screen SDL_GetVideoSurface();

So, while in serial output we have same OPENGL RESIZABLE words, it still have something else in screen->flags, which make calling of os4video_SetVideoMode's Resizing window() skips ?

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