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Re: SDL1 open issues

Subject: Re: SDL1 open issues
by kas1e on 2018/3/21 11:37:50


Do you mean that one?

That one yes, but also there is that part in the SDL_os4video.c:

if (flags SDL_OPENGL)
dprintf("Checking for OpenGLn");

        if (
os4video_GL_Init(_this) != 0)
dprintf("Failed OpenGL initn");
os4video_DeleteCurrentDisplay(_thiscurrent, !newOffScreenSurface);
dprintf("OpenGL init successfulln");
current->flags |= SDL_OPENGL;

/* Hack. We assert HWSURFACE above to simplify
             * initialization of GL surfaces, but we cannot pass these flags
             * back to SDL.
             * Need to re-work surface set-up code so that this nonsense isn't
             * necessary
current->flags &= ~SDL_HWSURFACE;

Dunno how right comment about hack and needs to re-work surface setup code is at current state, through.

I also found that in video/SDL_glfuncs.h, we have that part:

#ifdef __amigaos4__
// MiniGL doesn't implement 1D texturing
SDL_PROC_UNUSED(void,glCopyTexImage1D,(GLenum targetGLint levelGLenum internalFormatGLint xGLint yGLsizei widthGLint border))
SDL_PROC(void,glCopyTexImage1D,(GLenum targetGLint levelGLenum internalFormatGLint xGLint yGLsizei widthGLint border))

Dunno if minigl still didn't have 1d texturing, but even if not, there we probably need somehow to make common ifdef, which we can later use for minigl, but didn't use for ogles and gl4es
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