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Re: SDL1 open issues

Subject: Re: SDL1 open issues
by kas1e on 2018/3/15 10:30:15

Checked double-buffering example: that one too short by time to show issue. In beret flickering happens one time per 12-15 seconds. I.e. 12-15 seconds everything allright, then, some "redraws" lines can be visibly. I can't call it flickering, its like i can see redrawing of some parts, after some time, like something going wrong with VSYNC.

I modified your test case to 35 seconds instead of 5, and then, when second part runs, after 15 seconds i can see how black line draws in the middle and disappear. Then, after 5 or so seconds, 2 more. Then again about 10 seconds all allright.

It is probably not flickering at all, but something else. Like sometime i can see how VSYNC doing wrong. In test example it not very visibly, as not much of different data, but still, i can see black lines after 15 seconds.

If compare it with CRT monitors, the issue i see remind me that i can see "horisontal beam" sometime. Its not fast flickering, its like one time per some seconds i can see that something do not have time to redraw everything right, and i can see how it doing things a bit wrong.

And, btw, that what i have when i set 35 seconds in terms of FPS:

Single-Buffering: 4172 FPS.
Double-Buffering: 116 FPS.

Seems very much slower, is it expected ? Maybe that can explain those issues with redrawing/flickering ?

Maybe its all about priorities ? I remember there was something like that when was choicen too low or too high priority of compositing code over system ones (sorry can't remember details).
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