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Re: SDL1 open issues

Subject: Re: SDL1 open issues
by kas1e on 2018/3/14 22:34:56


Gosh, double-fuffering sounds fluffy. I hope it doesn't mean something nasty.

:) :)


Let's start Cadog project on GitHub. That way we can add Amiga fixes and needed debug and we are on the same page all time. I added some code that cleans up the singleton class textures. Some VRAM 1 MB leak visible still.

Can you put it on your "Capehill's" github account (as you already modify something about) ?


Regarding Beret: I will prepare a separate, smaller double-buffering demo. We will use that to debug the flickering issue. We have different HW and different drivers so we cannot totally exclude those things.

Yes, sure simpler test case will help.


What are your serial port settings? Does serial debug usually work 100% OK?

To say truth, its "dumpdebugbuffer", not real serial cable. So after you ask it, i just do "dumpdebugbuffer >ram:1", and then notepad on it : and yes, i can see there is all corect after beret with debug running.

And when i running Cadog with debug, there is also no that "de]" thing once i do "dumpdebugbuffer >file" and then "notepad file".

It seems just console give me broken output from dumpdebugbuffer by some reassons. Like when "\n" is missed in prinfs, console just overwrite one line by another. But not so matter for now.

All it mean there is no trashing then (at least not for printfs), and i need to find what cause "no title picture drawing" in gl4es version of cadog after "timer-fix".

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