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Re: SDL1 open issues

Subject: Re: SDL1 open issues
by kas1e on 2018/3/14 17:51:31

In meantime doing what you ask about Beret (i.e. enabled debug only in surface.c and video.c), and then just run game, and on title screen just waiting a bit, then move mouse a bit, see the flickering/redrawing , then exit. And log looks like this:

[os4video_CreateDeviceCreating OS4 video device
[os4video_CreateDeviceDevice created
[os4video_VideoInitFree video memory 192389120
(unitNumber=0) [Shell Process]
dev_close(unit_num=0) [Shell Process]
os4video_ListModesListing 32-bit screenmodes
[os4video_ListModesLooking for modes with format=6
[os4video_ListModesFound some
[os4video_ListModesListing 32-bit screenmodes
[os4video_ListModesLooking for modes with format=6
[os4video_ListModesFound some
[os4video_ListModesListing 16-bit screenmodes
[os4video_ListModesLooking for modes with format=10
[os4video_ListModesFound some
[os4video_ListModesListing 15-bit screenmodes
[os4video_ListModesLooking for modes with format=11
[os4video_ListModesLooking for modes with format=5
[os4video_ListModesFound no 15-bit modes in any pixel format
[os4video_ListModesListing 24-bit screenmodes
[os4video_ListModesLooking for modes with format=2
[os4video_ListModesLooking for modes with format=3
[os4video_ListModesFound no 24-bit modes in any pixel format
[os4video_ListModesListing 8-bit screenmodes
[os4video_ListModesLooking for modes with format=1
[os4video_ListModesFound some
[os4video_ListModesListing 32-bit screenmodes
[os4video_ListModesLooking for modes with format=6
[os4video_ListModesFound some
[os4video_SetVideoModeRequesting new video mode 800x600x32
[os4video_SetVideoModeRequested flagsHWSURFACE DOUBLEFUF FULLSCREEN 
[os4video_SetVideoModeCurrent mode 0x0x32
[os4video_SetVideoModeCurrent mode flags 
[os4video_SetVideoModeCurrent hwdata 0x00000000
[os4video_SetVideoModeCreating new display
[os4video_SetVideoModeDeleting old display
[os4video_SetVideoModeCalling CreateDisplay
[os4video_CreateDisplayCreating a 800x600x32 display
.chip (0): DisplayPort outputs are currently not supported
[openSDLscreenScreen opened
[os4video_CreateDisplayScreen depth:32 pixel format:6
[os4video_CreateDisplayAllocating resources for double-buffering
[openSDLwindowTrying to open window at (0,0of size (800x600)
os4video_SetVideoMode] New display created
[os4video_SetVideoModeObtained flagsHWSURFACE DOUBLEFUF FULLSCREEN 
[os4video_AllocHWSurfaceAllocating HW surface 0x6501BC20 flags:SRCALPHA 
[os4video_AllocHWSurfaceTrying to create 720x720x32 bitmap (friend 0x67CF5728)
os4video_AllocHWSurfaceAllocating HW surface 0x6501BCA0 flags:SRCALPHA depth 24bytes 4bits 32
[os4video_AllocHWSurfaceTrying to create 600x600x32 bitmap (friend 0x67CF5728)
os4video_AllocHWSurfaceAllocating HW surface 0x6501B998 flags:SRCALPHA depth 24bytes 4bits 32
[os4video_AllocHWSurfaceTrying to create 800x600x32 bitmap (friend 0x67CF5728)
os4video_AllocHWSurfaceAllocating HW surface 0x6501BA40 flags:SRCALPHA depth 24bytes 4bits 32
[os4video_AllocHWSurfaceTrying to create 800x600x32 bitmap (friend 0x67CF5728)
os4video_AllocHWSurfaceAllocating HW surface 0x6501BF00 flags:SRCALPHA depth 24bytes 4bits 32
[os4video_AllocHWSurfaceTrying to create 480x480x32 bitmap (friend 0x67CF5728)
os4video_AllocHWSurfaceAllocating HW surface 0x6501BAE8 flags:SRCALPHA depth 24bytes 4bits 32
[os4video_AllocHWSurfaceTrying to create 780x600x32 bitmap (friend 0x67CF5728)
os4video_AllocHWSurfaceAllocating HW surface 0x6501BE70 flags:SRCALPHA depth 24bytes 4bits 32
[os4video_AllocHWSurfaceTrying to create 780x600x32 bitmap (friend 0x67CF5728)
os4video_AllocHWSurfaceAllocating HW surface 0x6501BB80 flags:SRCALPHA depth 24bytes 4bits 32
[os4video_AllocHWSurfaceTrying to create 780x600x32 bitmap (friend 0x67CF5728)
os4video_AllocHWSurfaceAllocating HW surface 0x6501B6C0 flags:SRCALPHA depth 24bytes 4bits 32
[os4video_AllocHWSurfaceTrying to create 780x15x32 bitmap (friend 0x67CF5728)
os4video_AllocHWSurfaceAllocating HW surface 0x67480E08 flags:SRCALPHA  depth 24bytes 4bits 32
[os4video_AllocHWSurfaceTrying to create 45x45x32 bitmap (friend 0x67CF5728)
os4video_AllocHWSurfaceAllocating HW surface 0x674816C8 flags:SRCALPHA depth 24bytes 4bits 32
[os4video_AllocHWSurfaceTrying to create 300x150x32 bitmap (friend 0x67CF5728)
os4video_AllocHWSurfaceAllocating HW surface 0x6501BD48 flags:SRCALPHA depth 24bytes 4bits 32
[os4video_AllocHWSurfaceTrying to create 500x200x32 bitmap (friend 0x67CF5728)
os4video_AllocHWSurfaceAllocating HW surface 0x6501BDE8 flags:SRCALPHA depth 24bytes 4bits 32
[os4video_AllocHWSurfaceTrying to create 500x200x32 bitmap (friend 0x67CF5728)
os4video_AllocHWSurfaceAllocating HW surface 0x6501B8A8 flags:SRCALPHA depth 24bytes 4bits 32
[os4video_AllocHWSurfaceTrying to create 300x150x32 bitmap (friend 0x67CF5728)
os4video_AllocHWSurfaceAllocating HW surface 0x6501B928 flags:SRCALPHA depth 24bytes 4bits 32
[os4video_AllocHWSurfaceTrying to create 780x600x32 bitmap (friend 0x67CF5728)
os4video_AllocHWSurfaceAllocating HW surface 0x6501B7F8 flags:SRCALPHA depth 24bytes 4bits 32
[os4video_AllocHWSurfaceTrying to create 780x600x32 bitmap (friend 0x67CF5728)
os4video_AllocHWSurfaceAllocating HW surface 0x67481770 flags:SRCALPHA depth 24bytes 4bits 32
[os4video_AllocHWSurfaceTrying to create 780x600x32 bitmap (friend 0x67CF5728)
os4video_AllocHWSurfaceAllocating HW surface 0x67481938 flags:SRCALPHA depth 24bytes 4bits 32
[os4video_AllocHWSurfaceTrying to create 780x600x32 bitmap (friend 0x67CF5728)
os4video_AllocHWSurfaceAllocating HW surface 0x674819B0 flags:SRCALPHA depth 24bytes 4bits 32
[os4video_AllocHWSurfaceTrying to create 780x600x32 bitmap (friend 0x67CF5728)
os4video_CheckHWBlitHardware blitting supportedC  dst flags:HWSURFACE PREALLOC 24bytes 4bits 32
[os4video_CheckHWBlitHardware blitting supportedC  dst flags:HWSURFACE PREALLOC 
[os4video_CheckHWBlitHardware blitting supportedC  dst flags:HWSURFACE PREALLOC 
[os4video_CheckHWBlitHardware blitting supportedC  dst flags:HWSURFACE PREALLOC 
[os4video_CheckHWBlitHardware blitting supportedC  dst flags:HWSURFACE PREALLOC 
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing HW surface 0x6501B998
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing bitmap 0x67088498
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing HW surface 0x6501BA40
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing bitmap 0x670883F8
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing HW surface 0x6501B928
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing bitmap 0x65853468
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing HW surface 0x6501B7F8
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing bitmap 0x658533C8
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing HW surface 0x67481770
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing bitmap 0x65853288
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing HW surface 0x67481938
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing bitmap 0x65853328
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing HW surface 0x674819B0
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing bitmap 0x658531E8
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing HW surface 0x6501BC20
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing bitmap 0x670885D8
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing HW surface 0x6501BCA0
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing bitmap 0x67088538
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing HW surface 0x6501BF00
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing bitmap 0x67088358
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing HW surface 0x6501BAE8
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing bitmap 0x670882B8
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing HW surface 0x6501BE70
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing bitmap 0x67088218
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing HW surface 0x6501BB80
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing bitmap 0x670880D8
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing HW surface 0x6501B6C0
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing bitmap 0x67088178
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing HW surface 0x67480E08
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing bitmap 0x67088038
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing HW surface 0x674816C8
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing bitmap 0x67087F98
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing HW surface 0x6501BD48
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing bitmap 0x67087EF8
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing HW surface 0x6501BDE8
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing bitmap 0x67087E58
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing HW surface 0x6501B8A8
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing bitmap 0x65853508
[os4video_VideoQuitIn VideoQuitthis 0x6A2648D0
.chip (0): DisplayPort outputs are currently not supported
[os4video_DeleteCurrentDisplayClosing window
[os4video_DeleteCurrentDisplayFreeing double-buffering resources
[os4video_DeleteCurrentDisplayClosing screen
[os4video_VideoQuitChecking pubscreen
[os4video_FreeHWSurfaceFreeing HW surface 0x67478F48

For example if i go to the game itself, and stay without doing anything, then, probably one time per 12-15 second i see that flickered redrawing of bottom of screen.


I cannot spot difference in Cadog behaviour regardless which libSDL.a I use. Could you debug your side for difference? I want to know a) is there any difference in getFormats() function b) what are the surface parameters passed to GL. You could try something like:

Do you mean in those 2 gl4es versions one of which works, and another one which didn't after "mem test" commit ? Or you mean 3 versions : 1 minigl one, 1 gl4es one where title pic shows fine, and 3st one where title pic didn't show up?


I doubt issue is caused by "fix test sem" commit. It didn't touch any video file.

That issue feels strange and can be very easy that something going nasty in memory, just with "fix test mem" commit it shifts somehow, so it may cause trashed printf as well as may doing something else with memory which in end leads for no title picture. Or changes in "fix test mem" can cause some memory trashing somewhere, but in reality i just fear it me who do something (or not do) when adding gl4es in wrong way :)


Serial log shows that something passed NULL pointer to DestroySemaphore()

Yep, but it the same for both minigl and gl4es versions, while in minigl one titlepic shows fine, but in gl4es one not anymore.
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