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Re: SDL1 open issues

Subject: Re: SDL1 open issues
by Capehill on 2018/3/14 11:06:43


Ok, I can understand that event debug slows down. Seems that my object files were not in sync and I have no event debug at the moment so I cannot experience the slowdown. But I would need the serial log from flickering case. You could enable manually DEBUG in surface.c and video.c file?

Cadog issue seems to be an unsupported texture combo passed to MiniGL, hence the "invalid operation" print. Texture format is GL_BGRA and data type GL_UNSIGNED_INT_8_8_8_8 which is not supported ( http://www.hyperion-entertainment.biz ... s/updates-kc/src/unpack.c see mglUnpackers).

As a workaround whole format check can be removed and let game do surface conversion before glTexImage2d. I'm trying to understand has something changed between SDL versions. Does older SDL create a surface with different params, for example.

Which sources you are using for Cadog? I compiled these http://www.martin.st/software/cadog/ . Game also crashes when quitting because it seems to trigger GL calls after exit.

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