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Re: SDL1 open issues

Subject: Re: SDL1 open issues
by kas1e on 2017/12/25 18:51:16


My fork was based on this version: https://github.com/adtools/os4sdl

Then its latest one. I see that before your commits there was last one from me, and if i remember right since then no one add anything, so your one is the latest with all latest commits, that good :)

Btw, composition code autodetects somehow, and when it available uses, and when not not uses, or, i need to specify something like SDL_OS4_COMPOSITE on init stage ?


Also Marlon has started to collect various Amiga ports here:

As i see there is only initall 68k port commit, so currently no use for us.

Btw, to add to Raziels's post, maybe (if you will have any time for), you can add that os4 iconify functionality about which i wrote in #9 ? Such functionality will be good to have and for SDL1 and for SDL2.

Idea is just to have some sdl flag which we can call like SDL_AOS4_ICONIFY or whatever, and activate it with SDL_INIT() , which, when SDL app in the window mode, will attach iconify button, and when user will press on it call SDL_WM_Iconify function which will do all dirty work for us.

Currently all sdl based window apps can't be iconified, so if we can have it for sdl1 and for sdl2 that can be good. I am ready for any tests in any time, if you in interest in and have time for :)

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