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Re: SDL2

Subject: Re: SDL2
by kas1e on 2020/2/18 19:03:12

@samo79, Capehill
And making sdl.library for amigaos4 it is waste of valuable time: we already have .so for those who want it be "shared", and static builds.

And i hope nothing will be broken with all that new injection of new code for our os4 builds at least, and code which Capehill carefully did for few years and we spend lot of time on testing every single issue will be not changed. Even single few replacements of letters can cause new issues which we will not know for long. Touching all that without proper testing and stuff it's just too much.

Maybe it worth to take last code which was before new changes from MBeijer and made an official SDL1 os4 release ? At least with that code i am sure all fine, but what happens next i even do not want to test and spend time on.

There are many changes was done in just single commit, and no one can say that everything correct or not and if anything broke our builds or change things somewhere. At least i see there was mistakes like removing opengl support for os4 build, and broken os4 makefile, etc, while that should't be touched at all. Why there needs to change our builds and os4 files ? we loose too much time on it, to just made it all be changed that fast in such a massive commits.

For example, we don't need there CMake support that for sure. Not everyone use cross-compiler, and we don't have decent enough native CMake port. We are fine with makefiles already. They faster and simpler, no needs for CMake. There was some changes in our makefile too, wtf, why it touched at all ?

There even touched some general SDL files too, like adding to some .h externs of execbase, which we on os4 do not need, and it may give us warning (or even errors).

Or like paths to includes was changed in some places in test files. SDL_config_amiga.h was changed, etc.

In other words some massive reorganization of all things start to happend. Surelu i as tester not have motivation to dig in again in the same what was past done..

Maybe it even worth to fork of what we have done before before his changes starts to your github ? I just fear there can be new changes, which we just don't need. And i for sure don't have energy and motivation to retest everything again and again, on which we spend that much time already. You anyway only one working on this, and I with Raziel only ones testing it. So be it in any other repo will not change things for us.

Lately if there will be wish it all can be merged to whatever anyone want, but not like it now when that much work done, and there in one push "hey hey ! let's add some more stuff ! its all will be WIP which need testing and re-testing now!" without asking what we need and if we need all or some of changes.

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