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Re: SDL2

Subject: Re: SDL2
by kas1e on 2020/1/26 9:19:14


Do you mean OpenGL context and not SDL_Renderer with "opengl" backend here?

Sounds like a texture configuration issue. Maybe texture is not correctly created after context creation or something.

Yeah, sounds like this, and that exactly related to texture (because when i use some fork of dosbox, which give ability to set texture output, any combo with it and opengl output give that issue).

But that maybe for later if you doens't mind, for now trying to understand why we have color issues.

It start to be a bit more complicated that i think of. One of developers who use Wii and his own SDL port for , says that he not have those colors issues with the 15/16/32 bit modes (but hes answer not always very clear, so i can't be sure if he test 32 mode for example)

I find that PCPBench tool may be running with any depth i need, so i made a test and that what i have:

8 bpp: no bugs
http://kas1e.mikendezign.com/aos4/dos ... dcolors/pcnbench_8bpp.jpg

15 bpp: have bugs
http://kas1e.mikendezign.com/aos4/dos ... colors/pcnbench_15bpp.jpg

16 bpp: have bugs
http://kas1e.mikendezign.com/aos4/dos ... colors/pcnbench_16bpp.jpg

32 bpp: have bugs (much less distortion, just green color swapped)
http://kas1e.mikendezign.com/aos4/dos ... colors/pcnbench_32bpp.jpg

From screenshots above, probably it means that both 15 and 16bit modes suffer from PC vs no PC modes, and Wii maybe use "no PC" mode, so it works.

But 32bit issue, looks like some separate bug, which probabaly should happens on ALL big-endian machines, as in our case we have use PC screenmodes only for 15/16 bits (right?).

See 2 threads where we discuss the things:


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