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Re: SDL2

Subject: Re: SDL2
by kas1e on 2020/1/25 19:48:28


92 is DOSIFace.Input according to offsetof(). Native threads used IDOS instead of iDOS. IDOS seemed to be NULL.

Try the following patch: https://github.com/AmigaPorts/SDL/comm ... 95448630f60a40c6501cdc6c9

Works! Thanks!


I don't understand why your SDL build doesn't have debug symbols though? You can strip them out when they are not needed anymore.

It just when I made some final releases I always build a version without gstabs or any debug, just in case if "strip" will not fully delete that info. Need to tests, maybe if compiled with -gstabs and then stipped, and compiled without -gstabs and stripped will be 1:1 the same, then yeah, you are right.

About the issue with wrong colors: we seem to find out from where it comes, it maybe PC vs no PC video modes (maybe on Macos PPC and Linux PPC there are no "PC/noPC" video modes at all, and that why it works). One man from some DOSBox fork help me out with, so we hope to sort it out inside of DosBox.

And about OpenGL speed .. Strange, but it shouldn't be that slower... Need to test MorphOS version how it with their OpenGL. Zukow says that it also slower for them in compare with "overlay" mode, but like not that much. Need to check.

Also, I notice another issue when using "OpenGL" renderer: remember I say that it starts to be "white", but it starts to be white after some frame. I.e. firstly I see the DOSBox logo, then how console draws, and then bah, all white. If I will many many times switch between window and fullscreen modes (and then, OpenGL context recreates with every switch in DOSBox), then sometimes that "all-white" disappear and I can see a picture. Need to test that one more as well.

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