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Re: SDL2

Subject: Re: SDL2
by kas1e on 2019/9/23 5:15:18


Try setting mouse pointer visible first (for comedy and mystery):

Funny indeed, cursor can't go inside of the window :)


Then, test Irrlicht with this patch https://github.com/AmigaPorts/SDL/tree/fix-mousewarp


Yes ! It works ! Thanks a bunch ! Now i can add opengl support to SDL2 version too, and later i even can try to use ogles2 directly in irrlicht. Through, GL4ES overhead as found in all tests (and on amigaos4, and on linux) are very little, so even if i will made pure ogles2 device works too, it will not give us anything too much better in terms of speed.

But still, have SDL2 now working are good thing for sure.

And i even measure a little : by default when i just run 02.quake3map in sdl1 mode in software rendering and doing nothing i have 28-29 fps. With SDL2 its 31-32.

Also when i move camera to the area where nothing is drawn (all white), then in SDL1 version i have 68 fps, while in SDL2 version i have 91 fps.

Through there a little difference in other way: when i move mouse (so camera) fast fast left-right, then in SDL1 version i have 30-40fps, but in SDL2 version i have 20-30fps. And visually i can see that in SDL2 version its a bit slower when move camera fast.

But that can be easy because of SDL2 implementation code in irrlicht driver currently (?) , or just SDL2 itself , as it more heavy anyway that SDL1. Or maybe missing/added double-buffering ? Anyway that of course not of big deal once it just software rendering. Will try to add opengl , to see how speed will be there.

Thanks again for fix !

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