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Re: SDL2

Subject: Re: SDL2
by Capehill on 2019/4/9 15:14:06


By default renderer batching is not enabled (this is a new thing, added after official 2.0.9 I think) and this hurts at least the opengles2 renderer. Without patching, each primitive is drawn separately by glDrawArrays.

So, please try:


should be 5x faster. Still doesn't beat graphics.library but we are just starting to optimize. For example, as Daniel pointed out earlier, there is glPointSize which is not needed in most (non-point) scenarios. So there might be various optimization possibilities. I think SDL_RenderCopy(Ex) speed is what matters most.

Now, need to debug the rest of drawing.

EDIT: ogles2.library 2.6 is another super fast fix release from Daniel and fixed also testdraw2 for me. Thanks.

@kas1e For me testdraw2 --renderer opengl didn't actually work. I think opengl renderer broke at some point after 2.0.8 release. SDL2 keeps changing and it's sometimes difficult to keep up with them. EDIT2: my bad, it works after all.

But, again, all these "renderer stuff" is about 2D API and we have a pretty good "compositing" backend.

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