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Re: SDL2

Subject: Re: SDL2
by Raziel on 2019/3/23 13:56:48


wrt to OGLES2
The configuration and compiling is not a problem, it's the "hiccup" you so nicely put.
But it's not a "hiccup", rather a missing shader(part) implementation in our gfx driver, exactly the boolean uniforms (now that i said it, i think i forgot about it when speaking of trying it out again, there's no point since those shader parts aren't supported [yet?])

I have both a compiled exe of scummvm and residualvm sitting in my development partition, both done with ogles2, just they don't start (say - crash on startup) because of those boolean uniforms not being supported (see also here for reference).
The same (but even worse) is with residualvm, since they rely heavily on shaders (for their 3D engines)

Hans answered on when he would think this boolean uniforms will get supported. (Not very encouraging either)

I'm also not very fond of doing workarounds, i'd rather have it supported by the system and not alter code, or i will surely forget what i had to do to make it work and as soon as a new version of the app comes out i'll be starting from scratch all over again :-/

wrt to the "games"...i meant those you mentioned in one of your last posts and with them the fact that ogles2 for sdl2 is broken atm, so i asked if they aren't sdl(?) (and i just now realized that it's only one game :-/


SDL_renderer's OpenGL ES 2 backend is broken at the moment. I'm trying to figure it out. I have requested help from both Daniel and Hans.

Regarding performance: I ported Diamonds and Dust (2D game) to OpenGL ES 2: it is 2x-3x faster than MiniGL on my current setup.

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