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Re: SDL2

Subject: Re: SDL2
by Capehill on 2019/1/4 16:47:23



But why choicen for amigaos4 are rightx and righty, and not leftx and rightx ?

It was added in March 2016 so can't really remember.


ptitSeb add amigaos4 ifdefs to the code, so to use rightx/righty, but the choice to use Right axis

Why he makes assumption that all our joysticks will have right axis if one has? By the way, you didn't comment my directional button proposal: I think it would be better. Competition Pro has really a "middle" axis.


and Left is a bit strange, he would assume default to be left.

Why left is default?


But that quite suck to have such ifdefs imho (i mean, it always will need amigaos4 adaptation then).

And what if controller has no axes? Axis code wouldn't work anyway, naturally.

I'm not asking anyone to add GUI code. Most sane games have some configuration file, adding few lines there is not bad? At least it's faster to modify and test than C code.

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