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Re: SDL2

Subject: Re: SDL2
by Capehill on 2019/1/4 7:20:43



But why ? I mean why for Competition Pro we have mapping only for rightx/righty, and not for leftx/lefty ? I mean is it something we can help with so to have full mapping ?

Comp Pro has only 2 axes. Who can say which of the 6 SDL-supported axes should be chosen? Cannot pick more than 2 (tried). But since I think axis behaviour is not analog, maybe it would best to map Comp Pro axes as directional buttons.


We need to ask TSK in "fricking shark" thread, so he can test it and give us right "mapping" for.. Or i can just buy Competition Pro myself, that will be faster and easy for tests in end :)

Tested myself, Comp Pro buttons are 0-3 which is pretty logical. I don't know why SDL or AI reports 16 available buttons. Thing has only 4 buttons and I don't know how to get other buttons visible. Autofire selection didn't have impact.


Then, for any other new joystik we can say to users : want to support your one ? Then follow that guide, and send us the mapping.

Next SDL2 release shall contain the test programs.


As i understand ptitSeb, the SDL2's Game Controller API is easy, and its easy to add to any game/app which didn't support it by default. So he done some "general" code one time, and can reuse it everywhere later.

Joystick API is not difficult either. In my opinion Hydra makes some wrong assumptions on available axes. I think (didn't test yet) SDL offers a way to query axis and in case of failure, it should return NULL. My own joystick code is not better, I have hard-coded axes 0 and 1, worked for me.

Customer is the king, if possible, provide configuration options.

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