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Re: SDL2

Subject: Re: SDL2
by Capehill on 2018/10/29 18:46:21


Sorry, I misunderstood some of your post.

Regarding Q3, If I understand correctly, there should be a Q3 makefile-level switch for choosing the GL. Or, code could try to look for CVA extension with or without 's'.

Regarding SDL2 renderer hint, I'm not sure which problem you want to solve by using that hint? What benefit gl4es will bring when used as a (2D) renderer, over pure GLES2? As I understand it, gl4es is meant to wrap OpenGL 1.x (MiniGL) calls with OGLES2 ones, but why not use directly OGLES2?

If you want to force opening the correct GL library for OpenGL context instead of, it has to happen by some other means. Please refer to readme document how to select between MiniGL and OGLES2 context. At the moment I don't know what is OpenGL version that gles4 supports - that's one thing that might be used.

Is gl4es a static library, shared or both? Have you added configure support for gl4es? In other words, how to recognize SDL_os4gl4es.c should be compiled? It sounds difficult, because if SDL2 library starts to require symbols from gl4es, then there has to be 3-4 different SDL2 binaries (nightmare). Versions for sdl.a, sdl.so, sdl.a with gl4es.a, sdl.so with gl4es.so.

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