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Re: Help me in compiling latest pixman and cairo graphics

Subject: Re: Help me in compiling latest pixman and cairo graphics
by kas1e on 2020/4/26 11:59:22

Tried to build latest pixman (0.36.0), with changes in pixman-compiler.h about TLS from your repo, and while all builds fine and links fine with Odyssey, it had some strange AmigaDOS warning when I exit from Odyssey saying :

"The process terminated without freeing all the memory that is placed onto the task memory list. This memory will not be freed automatically."

Process: Odyssey
Function: "Internal_RunCommand()".

Resized Image

I then rebuild it the same like I do before with previous versions of pixman with #define PIXMAN_NO_TLS, and without amigaos4 specific TLS code in the pixman-compiler.h, and a warning is gone.

It probabaly mean that something wrong with amigaos4 specific code in your repo about TLS part. Maybe related to tls_ ## name ## _free (void) part ? But i can't rule out that Odyssey's code need to be updated too of course..

If you can have a look at this that will be very helpfull. Surely i can update pixman just without TLS code again, but will be surely good to have it enabled, as it may help a bit there and there. Expectually it may help with some random race-conditions caused random crashes (at least as far as i understrand purposes of TLS)


EDIT: oh, i see that in this commit: https://github.com/salass00/pixman_lib ... 9efd75ae974c5142a5baac86b you seems to try to deal with the same bug , but tls_fast_path_cache_free() added to libClose of init.c (so meaning it's only for shared version of library), but where to put that stuff if i build just usuall link .a version ?

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