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Re: Sam460 and 720p video playback

Subject: Re: Sam460 and 720p video playback
by LiveForIt on 2014/12/1 22:51:06


I am not at all clear about HTTP Handler. Besides, I don't want my setup to differ from "stock", i.e. no workarounds that I am quite likely to forget are in place.

My "work around" is to use the command line and suffer the 3 [Cancel] clicks AND starting another window just to do BREAK for a graceful exit.

I think its part of AmigaOS4.1 as standard, its just not enabled by default,
copy the http device from devs:storage to devs:dosdrivers this will enable it.

What this does is that you open text documents from http: device, with application support internet or network as its all handled in the http: device.

About documentation: I am not too good at automatically substituting "Amiga (and supposed obvious translations)" for Linux specific info.


I was looking for a "what is different for the Amiga MPlayer vs Linux" or where ever this code is derived. Maybe just a compile switch listing?

No, AmigaOS is not Linux OS, so there is lot of things that goes into making it work on AmigaOS as it does, the change log you can see at code.google.com.


The latest changes for comp_yuv / comp_yuv2, and newest mplayer has not been uploaded as the work involved in supporting hardware accelerated video in AmigaOS4.1 was a secret up until AmiWest.

The code it self is useless unless you have a updated AmigaOS4.1 SDK, and AmigaOS4.1 Final, the latest changes will be released when a new SDK is out, and the AmigaOS4.1 final is out.

then I can at least see what to NOT to follow along in the Linux documentation. I have followed along with (for the most part) the discussion about the various flavors of mplayer that are currently being worked on for OS4.

Well you have 2 mplayers, MUIMplayer that is based directly on work by Fabian (FAB) a MorphOS developer, as he does not wont hes work in repository.

I have decided to work on different branch of mplayer a port done by afxgroup (Andrea Palmate), of course there has been other developers as well who has worked on this one, this version of mplayer is closer to the Linux version, as it has no native GUI integrated.

How ever there is external GUI made by Daniel Westerberg for people who don't like to type things in shell.

I'm never, ever sure how much to continue to soak up before asking specific questions. MPlayer is a good example of that, because of what I did read about the mplayer linux documentation was/is voluminus with many options.

Yes indeed it has many options.

I'll mention again that my principal interest is in the audio for internet radio.

Have you considered that mplayer might not be the best music player?
Have you tried TuneNet and AmigaAMP?

Thanks for your suggestion, anyway. I did go do some reading about the http-handler, but the questions mounted up faster than the answers, affirming my decision to stick closer to "stock".

well if you don't wont to use http-handler, I suggest just assign http: to RAM: this will mute any request for inserting http: into any drive.

The issue is that mplayer first try's to open it as file, if this fails, it move on to trying to connect over TCP/IP, on Linux this not a issue because there are no volume and devices. But on AmigaOS we have so, AmigaOS think http: is volume or a device, so it ask for you insert that floppy disk with that name so to speak.

George Wyche
PS. I do make non-trivial donations for the software I use, so this conversation might be more than just to an enthusiast. Thanks.

Well lets put this way, I work on mplayer because I like to play good quality movies, and if get payed for it in the process its bonus.

I don't normally do things for free unless its some I wont, of course I'm willing to do things for money, I'm a capitalist, I take donations for the work I do not the product, the product MPlayer is under GPL and can't be sold. I'm not interested in a MOAP.

Resized Image

There are lots of developers who has contributed to mplayer over the years, I don't think they like it if the product was sold.

I don't have lot time this days having a day job, that is not paying, right now. So if its some thing that you wont me to do it better be worth my while.

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