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Re: MPlayer LiveForIt V5.1

Subject: Re: MPlayer LiveForIt V5.1
by ggw on 2014/11/29 1:40:57


This sequence keeps presenting me with a requestor.
10.Work2:liveforit-mplayer> mplayer-altivec -playlist http://media.kcrw.com/live/kcrwlive.pls

----- the requestor ------
Please insert volume
in any drive
Process: 960 "mplayer-altivec"

If I Cancel the requestor, it reappears. Upon the 2nd Cancel, another appears. But when the 3rd one appears, then a Cancel allows the program to play as I had hoped.

My 5 questions:
1) Should I put this at the bugs list?
2) Is there a "how to use LiveForIt-MPlayer" that covers an error on my part?
3) Did I not get all of the documentation? The 2 README files mention documention that is not in this directory.
4) Where should I be reading/asking about liveForIt-MPlayer?
and 5) I am used to typing Control+c to stop MPlayer, but now that hangs the program and window. Though I have discovered that opening a separate window and typing STATUS to find the <#>, then BREAK <#> ALL does cause a graceful exit, I have no way of knowing if this the accepted way or not? So. Is Control+c a feature request? Defect? or "Other"?

Thank you,
George Wyche

=========== The computer setup ===============
I am using X1000, most recent updates, downloaded liveforit-mplayer from OS4Depot last night. There is no installation so I put it directly into my Work2: an SFS-2 partition. My principle use of any mplayer is for internet audio streams.

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