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Re: Mouse Wheel and a Cybergraphics question!

Subject: Re: Mouse Wheel and a Cybergraphics question!
by kas1e on 2013/10/10 8:49:16

Rigo is right about NM_xxx defines. So you can go easy way: just use the same defines (i usually just grab those includes from mos or aros and add to my sdk), but mouse-wheel will not works of course (but all will compiles and you can do your first tests at least). Or you need just fix it from beginning by adding aos4 specific mouse wheel code. Its pretty easy, all you need its add IDCMP_EXTENDEDMOUSE to the window, do include of


#include <devices/rawkeycodes.h>
#include <devices/inputevent.h>

and add one more case in your main loop for IDCMP_EXTENDEDMOUSE.

Check how i do it in Zaphod:

Or like i do it in the Dopus5:

(i.e. check diffs).

As for RECTFMT_RAW its what annoy me from time to time when do ports from aros/mos to os4, but Yannick help me to find out that in LibSDL code (original amiga SDL port, that has afterwards been ported to AROS as far as I can see from the source) have such piece of code:


// this is an undocumented feature of CGX, and recently of AROS
// and P96, if it's not defined let define it ourselves.

#define RECTFMT_RAW (5UL)

So you can just define it like this. Through, dunno if on os4 cgx emulation it works or not, but i do it like this when i do ports and it seems ok.

As for speed of cgx emulation over p96, its pretty the same as if you will use p96 directly. At least my ports of muiowb and muimplayer use the same original CGX code in all the areas as it done by Fab originally.

As for amidevcpp, dunno if it still in mantain, because if not you can force with some outdates sdks soon or later, and if you on win32, just better to setup cygwin + os4 cross compiler and latest os4 sdk on top of it.

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