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Re: Wanting to start coding for AmigaOS4.x from scratch

Subject: Re: Wanting to start coding for AmigaOS4.x from scratch
by tonyw on 2010/9/1 11:25:03


My eldest son has a saying that "it takes ten years to become an expert in anything", and I think it's fairly accurate.

I started with FORTRAN back in the 60s, then Algol, C64 assembler and finally C when I got my first Amiga in 1987. At that stage I was mainly an assembler programmer and the C language was a real eye-opener. Fancy being able to write re-entrant code without thinking about it!

I used SAS/C (I still use the "se" editor) and only changed over to using gcc when I had to produce PPC-native code for OS4.

Rigo's Codebench is a great help and I can recommend it. Unfortunately the OS support for debugging (gdb) is limited to user processes (it's not much use when you are debugging a driver or OS component). That shouldn't worry you, though.

Download the OS4 SDK, read the Examples and write yourself some simple "Hello, World!" apps (eg open a window and print it in the window). There are many people around here who can help you with the lack of documentation.

Good luck!

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