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Re: Wanting to start coding for AmigaOS4.x from scratch

Subject: Re: Wanting to start coding for AmigaOS4.x from scratch
by Slayer on 2010/9/1 7:06:55


Thanks for your input

In hindsight yes I should have stated I couldn't code a bean

I do not mind be pointed towards documentation... I live and breath by and still stand by the concept 'if it has a manual, I can operate and/or understand it' One of the biggest advantages I have in a sense is if I read something I don't understand at the time I believe that is quite all right because once you start actually putting it to use you suddenly realise what it all means

I have many programming books, alot of the abacus series and the bible of programming reference books...

All I really want to know is where should I start given my desired path... to become a competent AmigaOS programmer where do I have to begin?

From the very very beginning or?

Should I just learn universal ANSI C and THEN look at the Amiga?

Should I perhaps pick a mudcode base I really like programmed in C and work on it as a project to learning and using C?

I'm in now rush to produce software, I just want to learn properly etc...

Put it this way... perhaps one day I want to contribute to AmigaOS4.x

but since AmigaOS4.x is running on modern hardwar, should I bother programming for the older Amiga Systems? to get a better understanding of AmigaOS4.x or would that be just beneficial in group hashing brain storming sessions?

Perhaps not having that history could provide me with a fresher look? or perhaps there already exists far too many with that perspective already...

If I don't get any real direction I'll probably just settle for learning ANSI C and using gcc but if there is a better route to my objective that will work and allow me to grow as a firm contributor in the future then please someone! light the path!

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: I do not want any advice to look at another language or similair... thanks for your restraint...

Oops I just re-read your post, you mention if I don't know C I should just start to learn it... ok nod

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