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Wanting to start coding for AmigaOS4.x from scratch

Subject: Wanting to start coding for AmigaOS4.x from scratch
by Slayer on 2010/9/1 5:29:32

Hi All

I posted this on Utilitybase a day ago because I thought it was the place to go for advise but ended up with a post from OldFart that didn't exactly help me... So... serious feedback please...

And yes, I'll make it plain... I'm not interested in porting or coding for any other OS or imitation OS other than AmigaOS4.x

-------------------- original post -----------------------

Ok, the time is getting close when I want to pick up a book and starting learning the process of logic sequence etc etc etc...

Would I serve AmigaOS4 development better if I was to start back at the beginning with say SAS/C or just an ANSI C book and the SDK for AmigaOS4...

And no if I have a choice I wouldn't want to program anything to run belowe AmigaOS4.x but that doesn't mean to say I'm not below going back to the start if it'll help me in the long run...

I've done heaps of compiling with gcc but generally I'm only porting unix code and mostly all old Mud Codebases... but I'm thinking just because gcc and it's config scripts make things easy for me I'm not afraid to leave it all behind and start from scratch with say VBCC etc...

knowing what you know now and thinking about coding only for AmigaOS4.x and not at the slightest interested in backward compatiability... what would you do? where would you start? what would you read first? and what compiler/coding packages would you use?

Please some serious input, what you say now could influence the future

Thanks for any serious thoughts, suggestions or/and insight...

-------------------------- end ----------------------------

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