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Link problem (relocation truncated to fit)

Subject: Link problem (relocation truncated to fit)
by alfkil on 2010/3/19 14:14:35

I'm trying to link an executable against library that is about 180MB large. I get these errors:

main.cpp(.text+0x2c): relocation truncated to fit: R_PPC_PLTREL24 against symbol 'std::string::size() const' defined in .plt section in /SDK/newlib/lib/crtbegin.o

I can't find much help on google, but one thing that people mention is, that it is a size problem, and that it could be related to -fPIC. I'm not so tough on code generation issues, but I do know, that -fPIC is something used for generating shared objects. My 180MB size library is a static library and is compiled without -fPIC or -fpic. My only go at the moment is to add -fPIC to the makefile and recompile the entire library... It's just, it takes more than 12 hours to compile, so I wanted to hear, if somebody had a better guess before wasting more time on it .

EDIT: I just noticed, that all the error msgs refer to crtbegin.o. Could it be a problem with crtbegin.o?

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