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Re: Memory protection and tasks/processes

Subject: Re: Memory protection and tasks/processes
by ChrisH on 2010/4/20 17:05:47

@orgin Quote:
Imho, relying of properly written software is far worse that relying on the OS to keeps things in check.

Just to prove how bad it works in reality: there has basically never been any software at all for AOS that has been properly written.

I basically agree with Rigo, although I don't think I'm too far from your position either:

AmigaOS can be *incredibly* stable, but only if you avoid buggy programs. I found OS3 very stable (until I went PPC...) by avoiding buggy programs. So it can work in practice, as well as in principle.

That's not to say better protection at the OS level is a bad thing. It's good if you can add it. But as long discussions here will attest, it isn't easy to add such things to AmigaOS, so we are left avoiding buggy programs as the final solution.

If OWB had one major bug fixed, and SimpleMail had one bug fixed, and I didn't develop programs (which involves lots of bugs!), then I'd probably find OS4 to be very stable. As it is, it's stability is just "good enough".

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