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Re: Memory protection and tasks/processes

Subject: Re: Memory protection and tasks/processes
by Rigo on 2010/4/19 16:11:36


There is no replacement for quality software. Adding features to the OS in order to stop badly written programs bringing down the system will only encourage more badly written programs.

The Amiga has always been about careful programming and optimising, and this is what made it lean and mean years ago. There is no reason why this should change.


Opening up the internals to the application programmer also encourages the use of features which are not guaranteed to hang around. A typical example here is the use of the memory block stored in the LONG preceeding the actual block allocated. While this was never documented, coders used it, and now we have situations where users complain because that software no longer works. Allbeit, lots of workarounds have been included to allow some of these rogue programs to continue to function, but there has be a line drawn on how far to go, as most of these workarounds stop progress of further (more important) features being implemented.

As most 68k software was written long ago, most has been since been surpassed by modern software to take it's place. Admittedly there are some applications that are still used daily, but there should come a time where 68k compatibilty will be "switched off" IMO, this then allows more progress rather than hanging onto 15 year old applications.

The more vocal "supporters" moan because AmigaOS is still based on "17 year old APIs", but until the workarounds in them can be finally done away with, what can be done? If they are removed too quickly, users will moan that the "modern" AmigaOS has no compatibility. Unfortunately, the lack of developers holds up this transistion, we need quality software to replace the old classic applications of yore, perhaps then we can start to move forward a bit quicker. AROS has the obvious advantage here, as it doesn't have to care about these old programs, a move which OS4 could not unfortunately afford to take. Shame.


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