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Re: Memory protection and tasks/processes

Subject: Re: Memory protection and tasks/processes
by whose on 2010/4/19 14:53:22


Maybe you missed it, but this concept is reality since the GrimReaper was invented.

The problem with crashes is not the fact that a single Process/Task crashes, its the system itself. Even there some cases may occur where MP wont help a single bit. Theres a reason why BSODs occur, or kernel panics.

One could do a big effort to ensure that crashed kernel space processes are killed and restarted, but I strongly believe that this is not a way AmigaOS should go. Its the way to "bloat".

IMHO there should be much more effort in IDE things. We miss a useable debugger. We lack lots of good information about the OS internals (no, internals should not be hidden from application developers. The devs should be encouraged much more not to abuse them by examples how to not abuse them!). Good help is given by sites like utilitybase, or this site here.

This help should be expanded much more, massive information interchange is the key here. It will lead to much higher software quality than MP could do ever. Have a look into other platforms, their driver bugs and quirks, and you will know what I mean.

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