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Re: Memory protection and tasks/processes

Subject: Re: Memory protection and tasks/processes
by Hans on 2007/9/15 16:53:41



Belxjander wrote:
tasks/processes/threads/ does it really matter...
other OS may allow threads to occupy the same memory space,
but we are not those other OS, why not take the path of
every seperate thread of execution as being an own task whether
able to be an AmigaDOS extended process or not?

Forget the separate memory spaces. That's not the issue. The reason for wanting to share memory between threads within the same process is to simplify inter-thread communication. I'd like to prevent other applications from screwing with memory belonging to my app, but still allow free (but mutex protected) sharing of data between threads within my application. This doesn't require separate memory spaces as Amiga OS is a single memory space OS. It would require a concept of child-tasks (and possibly a new memory protection classification).


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