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Re: Horny Source code on Github

Subject: Re: Horny Source code on Github
by kas1e on 2020/1/12 7:57:52

I give a go to compile Horny-GCC, and that what i had to do:

1). in few files replaced RBNA_Labels on RBNA_Label (i.e. remove "s" at end).

2). Midi.c want proto/eXtreamSync.h , so for that one:http://os4depot.net/share/library/misc/extreamsync.lha

3). in the same Midi.c you get errors about old timer usage, so at top of that Midi.c add :
#define __USE_OLD_TIMEVAL__ 1

4). in such files as Start.c and AppWindow.c
replace CurrentDir() (obsolete dos's one) on SetCurrentDir()

5). at this point all compiles with latest public SDK and gcc 8.2.0 from adtools. Through it fail to link because of CAMD undefs for all functions which want ICamd-> even if you use USE_INLINE. (probabaly CAMD includes need to be fixed a bit).

Anyway, to fix that , we in 3 files such as Midi.c, Einstellungen.c and SysEx.c add before all camd's functions ICamd->. In the Einstellugnen.c and SysEx.c we at top also add "extern struct CamdIFace *ICamd;" so it ICamd-> will works there, as it opened and defined in midi.c

6). now all links fine and we have HornyOS4 binary of 750kb size and 700kb after stripping.

If there needs i can upload those 3 changed files.

Binary even runs (click open in new tab for fullsize):

Resized Image

Through, as far as i can see, there need to do some real code works now. Menus kind of broken a little (probabaly that what was said about "interface" issues), "about" didn't even spawns. On exit it bring "unfreed signals 4000000" , so there need some things to do surely.

Edit: when i open "Mixer" in menu, it even freezes. So yeah, there some bugs there and there which can be fixed of course, if anyone with good coding skills of reaction (like Trixie) will deal with :)

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