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Re: NetSurf issues & wishes

Subject: Re: NetSurf issues & wishes
by ChrisH on 2016/9/9 15:30:35

Thanks for the (new tab) 'fix', which I shall try out soon.


ALSO, is there possibility to add a menu option (or window gadget) to Iconise NetSurf? Such a feature would be quite handy.

It already has one, however due to reasons it is only available when running on the WB screen.

I never really understood the point of iconifying something which was running on its own screen anyway - it's not getting in the way.

Well, it's not something I do *a lot* with Odyssey, but it's sometimes nice to leave it running, without an extra screen that I have to cycle through every time (e.g. if I'm coding, but don't immediately need pages NetSurf have open).

I've found the urge to iconify NetSurf more than Odyssey, because I have Odyssey set to re-open all the tabs I had open when I last closed it (an option whic NetSurf lacks).

The visible indication is the AppDocky.

Ah, well that was the first thing I disabled when using NetSurf , since I don't have enough space on my Docky...

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