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Re: NetSurf issues & wishes

Subject: Re: NetSurf issues & wishes
by Chris on 2016/9/4 17:49:44


Thanks, and yeah it's a pretty cool little feature. (Although Windows can do something similar using Shift + LMB.)

It can't move the start though!


I think you said that last time . Anyway, now that my request isn't hidden in a long thread, I shall assume it's somewhere on your "to do" list.

OK, the "bring screen to front" when a new tab has opened due to a re-launch, is done. It only occurs if the new tab is active. I'm wondering whether it's more appropriate to always make this tab active.

New blank tabs are always immediately switched to now too.


Plus the issue is annoying common enough for me (every PC Gamer news item) that I shall probably try installing your HTTP Handler, rather than miss-out on pictures (or have to switch to Odyssey).

You shouldn't be missing pictures due to this, it's only included elements that will be missing. This could mean something doesn't display properly or at all, but it's more likely that it won't have any visible impact.


Would it be possible to add it? (Or otherwise an optional GUI button to toggle grab-scrolling, like Firefox's Grab'N'Drag add-on provides?)

That's one for the bugtracker.


ALSO, is there possibility to add a menu option (or window gadget) to Iconise NetSurf? Such a feature would be quite handy.

It already has one, however due to reasons it is only available when running on the WB screen.

I never really understood the point of iconifying something which was running on its own screen anyway - it's not getting in the way.


(I see there is an option for NetSurf to stay in memory when you quit it, but this seems a bit of a strange option - I'd rather have manual control (and a visible indication) of whether it's still running/loaded or not).

The visible indication is the AppDocky. I did notice this was broken last time I went to use it and crashes when it tries to open a window. I know why (it isn't re-opening the screen), but couldn't see any reason why it wouldn't be opening the screen at the time. I'll need to take another look at that. I might actually remove the option - as you say, it isn't terribly useful. But somebody might be using it (nobody has noticed it is crashing though), and it can be useful for testing as you can change the screenmode without having to save config and quit.

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