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Re: NetSurf issues & wishes

Subject: Re: NetSurf issues & wishes
by ChrisH on 2016/9/4 11:25:18

I shall look at adding the things you suggest to the bug tracker later (putting this here as a reminder for me to do it). I'll also try to reproduce the Hotlist browser window open/close crash (when I'm not ripping a pile of audio CDs, which for some reason takes ages using LAME).

This is my second time replying (my login cookie expired while I was writing the first reply), so please excuse any terseness in this post...

intend to re-write the menus to use menuclass at which point dynamic updating of the hotlist menu will be easy and should be reliable.

I can't promise when I'll get round to this though

I'm happy enough to know it's somewhere on your "to do" list :)

(And I just noticed my copy/paste missed the "I" at the start of your sentence - an example of how annoying it is, because I only notice it AFTER copying & pasting... and sometimes not even until after I Submit my post.)

If you click/drag a highlighted area using the middle mouse button, it will make it bigger/smaller. It's easy to add that missing character

Thanks, and yeah it's a pretty cool little feature. (Although Windows can do something similar using Shift + LMB.)

Probably easy.

I think you said that last time . Anyway, now that my request isn't hidden in a long thread, I shall assume it's somewhere on your "to do" list.

I'd rather the root cause was fixed.

Well yes, of course. But if the root cause isn't going to be fixed for months/years, I thought a temporary work-around until then would provide a better experience for your users... Anyway, I have a feeling our discussion of this is going circular, so I won't comment on this issue any further.

Plus the issue is annoying common enough for me (every PC Gamer news item) that I shall probably try installing your HTTP Handler, rather than miss-out on pictures (or have to switch to Odyssey).

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